I'm Dev Tanna

Builder of products &
problem solver

I'm a software engineer based in Dubai specializing in building (and occasionally designing) websites, applications and digital products from the ground up.

This site showcases my most recent work over 7+ years of experience in solving problems.

My Resume

Here's some recent companies I have worked at.

ConSol Software GmbH

My Side Projects

Foodable Co-Founder: Iterating on first MVP and market research.
Craftihood Co-Founder: Market research, business plan, and implementation.

My Open Source Contributions

Spatialite Built a new parser for wkt input format.
CCSN Built a db and interface to better aggregate weather data.

Dev Tanna
Who Am I?

I am a seasoned software developer building products that tries to solve problems efficiently. I have worked in software + web development, backend and frontend, data management, database/server management, site reliability, search engine optimization, market research, A/B testing and analytics.

I'm always interested in becoming a better technology leader, learning and growing.

Besides software I also dabble in wakeboarding, snowboarding, jiu-jitsu and lifting heavy things.

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